Saturday, September 3, 2011


Well....for most of you, this may be a recap. I was looking at the ol' blog and saw that it had been MARCH since I last updated....HOLY COW! (I AM really bad at this.....) ;)

Since our last recap, we have added a new Lamson. Joy Magnolia was born at home, on Saturday, June 11, 2011 at 8:03pm. She was one of the big ones....8 and a half pounder. We had a water birth and it was EVERYTHING I dreamed it would be. <3

School has started and Jack is now a proud member of Katy ISD. Being that we moved last year and decided not to pay extra a school year to keep Juliana at Golbow Elementary, she and Jack had the "pleasure" of starting a new school. IIIIIII, on the other hand, am not so thrilled or impressed with the new school. But I know my kids will blow them out of the water, academically. 

Jacie is....well, Jacie. She is the big sister around here now. She thinks she runs the place while Juliana and Jack are at school. Oh boy....she is going to be a tough one to curb. ;)

Jonah is walking and has been since May. He is just in to EVERYTHING now. And I am SO glad! 

Jeremiah has been busy. With two jobs. God really blessed us the past couple months. He is considered a "scientist" at his new job, Arcadis/Malcom Pirne. He tests soil samples and does other things with big, fancy, scientific descriptions. And he LOVES it! He was also offered a paid position with West I-10 FD - which is a huge help and allows him to do what he loves!

I....well, I am just trying to take it a day at a time. There are struggles and joys through out my day and even though I may wish for another life for one split second, I wouldn't trade my chaotic life for anything in the world! 


Jamie said...
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Alison said...

You need to update the header - it only has 6 Lamsons! :) and I didn't know Jer had a paid position now! that's awesome! are there any full time positions to look forward to?? I heard they're hiring in Georgia... ;)

Jamie said...

JAMIE!!!!! SO great to hear from you! Been thinking about you guys! :)

Ali-son....crap. You're right! How can I forget my squishy ball of beautiful baby?!?!? I will get on that today. ;) Yes, Jeremiah is paid now...YAY! But I am not sure if he is looking for a full time paid fire position. He just makes more now than he would as a FT firefighter. Although I will check in to Georgia. ;) :)))) <3